Asian Flower Paintings and Flower Art: Love It!

The collection I own is vast and includes many of my favorites.

The Tingology Vu Viet Strung’s oil paintings are breathtaking. They really do set a peaceful mood in my home. My walls look beautiful with the simple colours and subtle themes.

It is a little more sophisticated than the rest. It has been my experience that I love to contemplate a subjective Asian Flower Painting while I am thinking. After searching for a good while, I finally found the right piece. Enlightenment was a piece created by Soniei.

By chance, I came upon a beautiful Asian flower painting at a garage sale. The painting in question was not one I would normally look at, but it had been placed out front. First glance I thought it was a painting depicting a palm. After closer examination I realized that it had actually been a picture of a small bonsai.

Soniei also offers the New Zen Sho Collection. It’s a wonderful piece. Because it has bamboo, the abstract painting that i have purchased is considered to be a beautiful Asian flower. Along with the bamboo there’s also some stunning calligraphy.

My mother loves to see the Asian flower pictures that I have found. On vacation in Hartford, I found a painting that I liked. Because it didn’t fit in my own home, I gave it to her. She loves it. This acrylic piece features two trees with blooms in two different sections. With all of the shades of red, it is truly a spectacular painting. It is a beautiful painting in her home.

My husband is not a big fan of Asian flowers paintings like I am. Just don’t bother him. He allowed me to hang a painting on the wall of my office as long he approves the colour scheme. I was asked to hang a black-and white Asian flower portrait he chose for him.

The painting has a sea-foam shade. It’s much more subdued than the one I bought called Enlightenment. This is called Selfawareness, and it’s beautiful. The painting is of bamboo bedding.

The little girl loves Asian floral watercolor paintings. In our local papers, she is always on the lookout for advertising for these individuals. She has purchased three. She is on her way towards her own collection.

Asian floral paintings are dominated by bamboo. In so many mediums, I’ve found paintings with bamboo. My purchases of artwork have increased so much that I now give them out as gifts to friends and family for housewarming.