Escape Rooms at Irvine are the best way to have fun.

The escape room is the perfect place for those looking to have an action-packed adventure in Irvine. They’ll have you scratching and racing your head against the clock. You might even shout at your friend (in good spirit). Here’s a quick tour of the city’s top attractions. You can get the best escape room in Irvine in this sites.

The Exit Game will be our first challenge. You’ll be tested to your limit by this labyrinthine maze. Imagine you are locked in a closed room. You have 60 minutes only to figure out how to leave. As if breadcrumbs were scattered about, you’ll find clues that will lead you out. This is like Sherlock Holmes, only without the fancy hat.

The A.I. stands out as a great game. In this futuristic environment, an artificial intelligence is on the loose. Think Saw meets Terminator without the gore. You’ll find it challenging and intense. And you may even wonder whether robots can be our true friends.

Puzzle Workshop’s Escape Room is up next. Here’s your chance to play like Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. They have themed rooms with so much detail, you will forget that Irvine is not an ancient temple or a haunted house.

This “Ghost Ship”, scenario, is particularly spine chilling. Imagine being on an eerie ship with creaky floorboards and dim lighting, while you try to solve maritime mystery before the time is up. The game is full of spooky, twisted fun. It will have you jumping at the slightest shadow and cheering when you finally crack a code.

Escapades OC provides immersive narratives to draw you directly into their world. This game is more about getting lost as opposed to solving the puzzles.

It’s perfect for lovers of fairy tales. It’s like being thrown in a world of magical knights, evil witches, and magic. This game is so detailed that it feels like you are stepping into an actual storybook.

Square Room Escape. It’s a place that knows how keep things interesting with new themes and challenges appearing regularly. The place is challenging for even experienced escape artists.

In their game “Zombie Lab”, you’re pitted against the time — and zombies. The antidote must be found before you turn into one of them. You’ll have a blast with this fast-paced game that is full of nerves.

Mission Escape Games Orange County Branch is located right in Irvine! It’s a combination of high production quality and brain-bending puzzles that makes it stand out among other locations around the city.

The “Escape The Hydeout”, a scenario inspired by Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end.

And hey, not everything has to be so intense! Lost Games offers a quirky, yet equally compelling experience for all ages including kids and families.

The Wizard’s Tower, where magical magic and clever conundrums are combined in one neat package for a fun challenge that is sure to delight all age groups.

There you have it folks, a quick trip through the coolest escape room right here in beautiful San Diego. We’re known for our beaches and great food. Now add some epic puzzle-solving adventure to that mix. Then grab your buddies, put on some thinking caps and go to these great venues. Find out if you can beat the clock.