The Art of Lawn Mowing in the Central Coast: Tricks, Tales and Tips

You know that if you live on the central coast lawn mowing your lawn is much more than a simple patch of grass. Your lawn is your outdoor paradise, party venue, and playground all in one. It’s not just a chore to keep your lawn in good shape; it’s a form of art. Here I am, ready to dive into the details of lawn mowing. Are you ready to cut through some green? Let’s get to work.

Let’s start with the mower. You may be using a monster gas-guzzler, but you might also have an electric mower. Each mower has its own advantages. Gas mowers are powerful and can cut through thick grass with ease. Electric mowers are quieter, odorless, and better for the environment. It doesn’t matter what blade you use, it is important to keep it sharp. What’s the point of a dull blade? It’s the same as trying to cut a steak with a teaspoon.

What about the technique, if you put aside the tools? Imagine yourself walking a tightrope while being balanced and steady. Straight lines are what you should aim for when mowing.